my unfinished dutty and task


first semester of my 12 grade will end soon. oo god, time goes so fast. it means my time in senior high school juat one semester more no no in my last semester it just tak 3 months ! IMAGINE 3 MONTHS . On march i have to , we all the 12 graders all over indonesia have to get UN (ujian nasional). and in february i must entered simak UI (it such admission test to enter university of indonesia) oo why time going so fast. i have no well prepared. i just not brave enough to doing all of those things .

its my draft to a month later, and HELL NO less than a weeks more i gotta get FINAL EXAMINATION OF THIS SEMESTER. and my score getting decrease, what a shitty thingy you thought ? huh
its means i must to finish all mu unfinished duty and task . :(

My Lord, Allah SWT hope I could do this all well. amin :)

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