a great day


hello, now i'm in mood blogging again :)

nahh, today i wanna share a 'lil bit about my day.
my day goes soooooooooo WONDERFULL :D yeaay. from monday my friends (12 science1) & i went to puncak,cipanas. there, we got photo session for our yearbook. we laughed, we yelled and we had much fun. i can't imagine just in few month we have to separated. we go to our own way. get all we dreams, get our own aim. ahh guys i'm really in love with you all. i'm gonna miss the class when ivander joking 'bout kitty. when we all study hard for our UN. all the unforgetable moment there.

next day full of course-ing. yes, im study a lot for my admission test in UNPAD. wish me luck, so i can get UNPAD. amin yaaa

over all my day was great because of my family, friends & .............................

cheerssss :D

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