futurerism night - PROM NITE 3rd batch Global Prestasi School


third batch of Global Prestasi School was held at Kartika Chandra Ballroom hotel.

with theme "futurerism nite" (but, there's no "futurerism" word in english. -_____-" ). dresscode : formal dress with futuristic color. Even there's a mistaken from the name buat it was awesome ! good job and congratulation for the committee there are : iput,delima,ayu,bunga,ikha etc. i don't really know whoever join that. it's cool from the beginning until the ending !

firstly, a words from principal then leader of committee. dinner and continued by game. so much game there but the most i like is game for the teacher ! haha they so funny! 

then, performance from puddle band *trian dkk . and the movie of third batch ! . the final when we make a circle holding hand each other, say forgiving and all problem with the other speak out, then we crying a lot. after crying. lets hit the dance floor. and happiness come. GREAT PROM EVER !

and here, i'll share some photos :

over all acaranya keren bgt dan recomended abissss ! EO nya juga okeeeee. guys, kalo punya acara pengen nyari EO yg low budget (em lumayan murah maksud gue) and high quality ini bisa bgt nih GROOVY EO .

regards :)

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