Here, i'm sitting on the floor staring at my laptop. My clock showing 11:20 AM.

... When i wake up this morning, just realize i'm really late. No. I don't have any class this saturday. But, I miss my Subuh Prayer, and wait why My alarm phone didn't ringing. Check it. Lowbat. and i forgot my friend, wait me in front of my kostan since morning. so sorry for it.

I don't know what i have to do today, I clean up my room. then I sit. Here. Don't know what i suppose to do.

Flashback to year year A go..

Palembang, there my Hometown. I was born there.
My Childhood. Kindergarden and very new Primary School. Big Home, Field, Garden, and Family. I never feel lonely. Never get bored. My life just soo.... awesome

Next year..

Cilacap, 4 years I live there. Firstly, I hate being there. I don't have any friends! small home. without any field. and yeaah, just Hot. I don't even know what language they spoke. First time came to my new school. i sat in very back class. I don't much talk. just see, hear, and smile. year after year.. i have a lot of happiness. Really enjoying my life. Riding my Cycle, Go to beach, sitting under the tree, playing sands, walking around rice field.. Oh you know, That's heaven ! nature... no pollution, no crowded, no traffic.

Jakarta, yeaa i moved to bekasi. It's true that "Jakarta Keras" I feel it. But you know, i learn a lot especially what Best Friend is ! What you gonna be. and who you are. spend my day hanging out, Glamour, Money can say everything.. ah, sometimes i have that life. FAKE. But i'm really enjoy being there...

Bandung, ah yes I'm here. sitting front my laptop. all alone. I grow old ? Isn't it ? am wondering with my self "am i mature enough?" living my day all alone, by my self.

and yeah... I'm missing my old life.

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