Happy wedding !


Hay, just attended my cousin Wedding Party. She's was so gorgeous ! Nothing can't beat the atmosphere there. Felt so blessed !

The wedding was held at Bali World Hotel Bandung. Oya, my family come to bandung but they didn't pick me up. so i have to go there alone. Well, it really my first time went around Bandung. All alone by my self. I choose using Angkot. from my place to got there, i only must take one angkot. Dago - Riung, and it cost 5K IDR. cheapy cheap ! compare with using taxi it could take 50k IDR. It take an hour driving car. Finally I got the hotel. Senengnya bukan main loh ! :P

Here's some photos :

They are The Bride. Yuk Debby dan Kak derry :D

My pretty sisters

Oh baby

Uwak, tante, om, , mama, papa

The next Bride on February 2011. Amin :)

...and me 

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