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This wed, they came to my crib. yea as usual they mess up my room. well, we have a good day. Cooking together, Chit & Chat, Dancing, Singing then... make and take some photos. I'd uploaded it in this blog but, it size just to much, so I can't attach it here. well our wardrobe seems like angel & demons. Jihan and me, using our veil so i called us with Angel. and Mona & Indira, Sexy - Dressed I call them demons. Sexy demons. 

Here's some behind the scene Photo. Me and Jihan. Jihan did my veil decoration, cause I'm not good about it. For, make up I did it by my self. 
Face Powder : The body shop
Eye Liner Up : Maybeline Impact Express & PAC
Eye Shadow : Lancome, Eye Virtuose
Lipstick : YXL, Rouge Pure shine. No. 15
Blush On : The body shop

well, I just found out that I'm collecting Lipstick. Wonder it, I brought ten kind and color of lipstick to my kost. Ten. I don't know... just realize i do love lipstick so much. for the brand. I choose, Clinique as my best lipstick. Nude color is my favorite. Then, YSL for party, Night party or glamour.. Estee Lauder Hibiscus color is good too. and the last.. Elizabeth Helen from Saudi Arabia def COOL !!

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