we are asian's, we're colored skin. so why ?

My uncle just came to my house, he is ambassador for Ind in Poland right now. he came to Ind just in case of some duty, and he spent his time to came to my house. he came with her wife. we had a lot of discussion topic, and also about "racist" in europe. Epscially in Poland.

This story, about my cousin who live there, she is my uncle's daughter. She went to some store there, a big and famous fashion store, there and around the world. At time she wants go back, the "kriiiiiing" the alarm just sounded. Well, as long as I know when the alarm sounded, the security come and check ours at that place, and it's occurred in all over the world. But different for that time. The security bring my cousin to back store and checking her and all of her stuff without any permission, then when they found out "nothing" they just let my cousin go without any apology. Because she's asian and colored. Then, she got back home and told her father about it. the next day, my uncle, with his body guard and also my cousin come to the store.. also with the "CD" car. When they come the store, the security just shocked. my uncle met the manager of the store, and give her know about that offensive attitude. After they know that my uncle is ambassador, the security and the manager ask apology about it. Remember, after they who we are.... so racist.

the second story, and again it happened in Poland.
my cousin (the sisters of the girl i mentioned before) just got traveled in other province and she decided go back to warsawa by train. when she wants to buy the ticket (she's with her friend, poland's) the servitor give the ticket which is my cousins have to transit to many places. whereas, they also provide train to warsawa without transit. Then, when her friends realizing about it.. they said to the servitor "Why you give her that train? Don't you know he's is daughter of the ambassador, if you won't have any problem with state give her the right ticket!" after that... the servitor give my cousin the right ticket... oh my God why they're so racist..

so I asked my uncle why they so arrogant like that ?
just because, stranger just rarely come to their state, and Poland just "membuka diri" so why... the citizens shocked about "the stranger" especially "asian"

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