fed up


have you ever feel like your just too.... fed up ? Seriously, I Haven't. I don't know, maybe I were but I just don't realize it. I really love to listens. Cause, sometimes people just want to be listened. Some of my friend come to me and tell me about some her problem.. she said 'I just fed up, with everything' I know she's in unstable emotional so I try to make fun, I said "you'd to be so full and can't eat more of course :P" and she's just laughing.. yeaa even I can't give her a great solution about her problem, but at least I'd make her laugh at that time :), My Pleasure..

when i got my room, and got "me time", I do so much imagination and thinking. then, I can say this.. 
"If you feel fed up, you don't need to worry or sad. You should be happy, you are blessed. with every problem suffering you it makes you learn and know how to take a higher step of life"

BUT I don't say it to my friend I just write here, In case if i got same problem with her I hope this article can help me. I can't please everyone but at least I must do it to my self :)

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