again. I have to face this. Not big problem, but only me take it seriously.

When anybody else can do it easily but not for me. This weekend, is the date of Pidana Class's study trip. This time, we goes to Nusakambangan-Cilacap and Jogja. But, at the same time in 27th November, will held my older brother engagement. I know, it's not really big problem even my mom said don't take it seriously cause, if me there or not the show must go on. It's not the matter of money i've spent to. But the matter of my score for this classes. So far as i know, mostly, my seniors said this study trip give big effect , so influential to the score. So, i have to.

I'm so sorry, can't attending this engagement, but seriously i'll take my part if you need any help I will help necessary.

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