I Love you !!


what a match !

Guys, I don't know why do I am so into this team. Garuda Muda. I don't even remember their name one by one. Is that what they called nationality ? I'm Indonesian and I'm proud of it.

This day, the final football match between Indonesia and Malaysia. Indonesia's neighbor country. We did great, they did great. Ball position 58% in Indonesia. Technically we Win guys, we win. We did so much attack, even our defense looks mess, but they still die hard to keep the wicket. Chance to goal, aaa they got so much chance. But, they have a great goalkeeper and I admit it.

We only lost in....... Fortune.

Yah, we just not lucky today not the day ahead. so keep chin up lads! you know, felt different whem ManU lost, ManU is my favorite team ever feel sad when they lost, but When Garuda Muda lost its feels like.... a thousands times more sad than ManU.

Keep chin up, and prove them we're still the tigers, but we just haven't wake up yet. Like they used to called us, Macan Asia. Yes, we are. at least we're original :)

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