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Everyone has their identity, if you had found out what is your identity seek it more and fit it up and use it to  bring you up, if you feel good enough and "this is me" what are you looking for more ? Looking for does anyone "identified" to be yours ? well, does it so important things to do ? I don't sure about it. 

Well, some people only guessing "aaa this person must be trying to be me" or like " I know he/she beating me to show up" oh my gooooossshhhh does it really important these days ? why so many people did this. I'm getting sick of it. 

people these day, have to distinguish between 'being copycat' and 'this is the latest trend' what i mean here, is hello..... so many many people did this things too why oh why people had to be offended ?

Back to originality, well, f*** off with originality. Originality only God has. People ? just take a part of the originality-s and mix it together and made something new. That's why...... sometimes that-something-new-thing looks so similar with the others does. 

so, be proud of your self.. if there's somebody else felt irritate of the people indentified-being-copycat get a life dude, why you have to be irritate ? If that fit in yours, you don't need too unless you felt that person identified-being-copycat gonna be more "okay" than you, don't you ?

well no offense yaaa, it is only literally my thought about some people. in number of many.

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