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Assalamualaikum Readers,

How are you today ? Mine, good as always :). I had some trip with my classmates we went to Nusakambangan and Jogja. Nusakambangan is An Island near with Cilacap, Central Java. Nusakambangan, maybe look alike Alcatraz maybe we can called it The Alcatraz of Indonesia. Yes, Nusakambangan is An island contain of only Prison. Maybe, it sounds horrible. But its not as bad as you thought. It is my second times got there. There, we'd some presentation from the head of Lapas about when it built, amount of the criminal and their punishment. We also had an exclusive time to catch up & interview with the criminals. Yea, the criminals who doing their assimilation program. Assimilation only happen in Lapas Nusakambang not the others. Assimilation is program to the criminals who had done theri 2/3 long time of punishment, they get permission to go out from the cel and living out of the cel but only in nusakambangan area, they got so much lessons. Almost all of the assimilation-s  take an automotive. We'd some conversation and we had a secret of the jail, but impossible if wrote it down.... I only can say, It is Indonesia. The criminals said "lapas nusakambang lebih baik daripada lapas-lapas lainnya apalagi di jakarta" from that sentence, you can take an conclusion that.... write it down by your self :)

after that, we had a limited time went to some beach there (forgot the name) my classmates damn excited, really good beach with a super big waves but we only had limited time so, many of my friends feels upset, me ? not really cause I've been there :P

Then, we continued our journey to Jogja, we arrived in jogja at 8 o clock. so, it's free time baby. I took showering and go out with the fellas, mona, indira, teh saski, ken, ica, willy, teungku, joe and law. We go around Jogja sight seeing, took a picture and ate in some lesehan. tiring and yet exciting.

The second day, in not an early morning we went to prambanan it took emm, like 45 minutes driving, and damn hot. Jogja so Hot but really love the temple there, but sadly so many crush cause of earthquake. after that we went to Dagadu and back to hotel, and the night me and my friend with the larger number of yesterday went to Malioboro wohooooo so exciting.

and the last day we only got Bakpia Djava to bought some goodies. then back to Bandung, err the traffic so Bad and finally we got Bandung in 12.00 PM 

Really love Class B and I hope there's other trips waiting us :)

adit - kemal - riki - ica - zaki - bindra - me - ken - teungku

Indira and I at Dermaga

Welcome to NusaKambangan (Me - teh saski - Ryan - Indira)

quarter part of the classmates 

Mona - ica - me - ken


Pidana Fieldtrip

Teh saski - mona - brain - me at Malioboro

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