Hai, i just want to share about everything in my mind right now, is about dissatisfaction. I know it's so human when people feel dissatisfaction, but yeah it's true we are not too fast to satisfied. From that dissatisfaction, we build the new beginning to make the satisfaction point. So, never feel satisfaction completely with everything i have done, never been perfect. There's something miss of it even just a bit. just little. but, actually i don't really need that satisfaction completely, cause i know it's only make me unproductive. yea, thats me. sounds weird, but it's true. Doesn't mean i never works totally, I did everything totally as i can, but yah you know there's always miss, but i don't upset with that..

for simple example, like result of the test there's a grade from A to E. Then, I got B. I don't feel satisfied not either upset. Not like my friend do, when they got B they're so upset about it. I don't know why. Maybe because I'm not "score hunter" lately, I just accept that grade cause its all my work. But, i know this is wrong. Even so many people says good not being "score hunter" cause the knowledge you got is more precious. Cause, i wont be hypocrite that the GPA is so influential to the next life. To the next goal, WORK.

I really wants to be employee in one big company in this state, or maybe foreign company it could be great. But yeah, it needs a GOOD GPA, a very GOOD GPA. So, yeah... collect as big as you can get grade either seeking knowledge as much as you never want to stop it.

Cause, Rassulullah said, "knowledge is a treasure" 

Wassalam :)

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