Hello Long Holiday


Hai, really love this university haha. yes, I got a Long Long Holiday, So whats my plan to filling my holiday? Traveling ? Keen !! but sadly, I can not just because i don't have much money, soo many destination that I want to visit :[ but yeah, at least in 7-8-9 february I will go to Singapore as one of participant Padjajaran Law Trip 2012. Yeaaa, I don't know could it called as holiday since we know theme we bring to this even is "legal trip" and places we'll visit like, Law firm, Supreme Court, KBRI, Maxwell Chamber, and  NUS. Yea we only had one day to doing "city trip" and we're haven't any time to visit Universal Studio, aaaaaah :( yeaa bisa aja sih tapi extend sendiri A.K.A nambah duit sendiri :(

The other things to do, yaaa palingan ngurusin the wedding things, two months from now.. AAAAAA excited haha. Maybe, catch up old felas :D

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