Happy Birthday part 3


hihi, same as last year.. part 3.
okay, here's i will share several photo when my family celebrate my birthday minus Kak alvin in case he had to pick up his wife-to-be so only My parents, the prianda's and I. Then, my sister just came back from work. Just a little celebration, a small cake from almond my sister order this cake for my birthday, and she choose double choco.

I do so rarely make some party to celebrate my birthday, usually only family little celebration or Lunch/dinner with pals.

So here the photos

19th January 2012

as usual, Irena, tiara and I. decided to go somewhere... yayness. So, we decided meet up in Grand Indonesia at 1.00 PM. but sadly, i can't come on time in case, my mother not allowed me to go alone by my self, so i have to wait till my driver pick up at 1.00 PM. Suddenly Iren call me and she want join me from Komdak, and you know what.. when i just on the way, tay just got GI. so you can imagine how patient she is waiting for us :) aaaa love her so much ! More or less Iren & I got GI around 3.00 PM cause kuningan macet banget. 

We meet with tay in coffee bean, where is place she waiting for us :D then for my apology I treat them with some late lunch or early dinner at kiyadon sushi. Yeah, really love kiyadon by the way.

we sharing a lot of stories, feel so good and so much story to tell since our last meet. then, we went to IconLife, haha do know why... or maybe only mine feel that. Iconlife has better quality for the photo and also affordable price 

and yeah so much fun i got, let see what gonna happen one year ahead. Alhamdulillah for every 19 years i have done and bismillah for the next day.


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