Happy Birthday


18 January 2012, yeay turn to be nineteen :) the last year being teenager, my limit of life also decrease.
Firstly, thanks to God, give me more life and I can feel the air until 19 years, and everything God gave to me, feel so blessed. Thanks to My Family, especially my mother and father gave me birth in the world and knowing that you all are my angel :) also siblings and big family, treat me so well and loving me unconditionally. Thanks to all my friends, for your care, your laugh and smile that you share to me and everything wether is good or bad we done guys :) Thanks to servant in home also driver and gardener, making me more comfort being at home also everywhere I go :) Thank's for this life God, and unite me to those great people :D i feel so blessed.

My hope and wishes, for the next step is so many, I hope I can be a better people each day, faith to God, Faith to Rasull and faith to Islam. Make my parents and family proud. Increase number of friends, good in college life and also some committee project, and everything good in life also after life later

18 january start with my phone ringing all the time hehe, so I do reply some bbm and twitter the go to sleep and silent my phone. Wake up and saw so many bbm and mention really made my day :) sooooo glad having good pals like all of you.

and their wishes on next Post :)

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