happy new year :D


From the first 2011 came, it was not really good. 2011 went so fast, I don't know.January I got my birthday present. Holiday to Japan excited enough. Early 2011 it should be my month, it should be nice and sweet, but honestly it not went long, after that february is a bitter month, bitter month i had. Everything seems mess and i-don't-know-what-to-do. True, february is bitter for me, but that month gave me a lot of experience i never had before. How to be sincere, mature and believe that God will always watch on you. A lot of experience include spritual experience. February is the shortest month but felt the longest one. Lucky me, I had chance to participate to the Padjajaran Law Trip 2011 goes to Bali, and it success enough to heal my pain, thanks to my beloved friends :). March, everything went so well, much better. I live my life was so good, just because"lesson" i learnt before. April, Alhamdulilah for this month. April 10th 2011 I'm using veil to my lifetime. I had choose it. It's big step for me, not that hard to be 'muslimah' so far i felt so much better, than I was. After that, my life so much happier than before. Lots of fun, lots of laugh, lots of happiness. The key is only one "Bissmillah for start everything and Alhamdulilah for everything is done" in the other words be Thankfull. Your life become much easier, much happiness come, and in the end 2011 is the most greatesttt new year compare 2years ago :D

Let say Hamdalah for everything done in 2011 and say Basmallah for 2012


and.... for this eve, i don't go out with buddies, bbq thingy and others. In morning, I just went to senayan city and yeaa like other girls do it's shopping time baby. then at noon got home. Ba'da Magribh My brothers , mba meta and I went to pool then.. swimming :D after that i spent my night go around Galaxi and chit chat in Home, taking & record video. Here's some photos i'll share 

cute enough, aint ? haha

In the first January... I went to Ragusa Then Kota-Tua, it's what we called another-family-quality-time :__)

even, much crowded there, i felt so bad mood. But family is best medicine to kill the pain :3

my outfit 
Cardigan - Mango
Jeans - unbranded
Shawsl - ISH
Wedges - Symbolize
Bag - Benenza

see yaaaaaaaaa :D

Ps : the shawl i used in NYE and Me & sister in Kota Tua by ISH (Iymel Says Hijab) good material, enteng, gak panas, mudah di apa-apain. Just search in Facebook 'Iymel Says Hijab' Very Recommended !

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