Thank God.. My brother's wedding ceremony went well. Simple, pretty, affect, also wisdom. Barakallah for both of them, Kak Alvin & Kak Fika. The wedding ceremony or usually called akad held at Mahkamah Konstitusi Building Bekasi then continued by the reception or celebration which held by kak fika's family. Ah really lovely day.. Really love kak fika's gown. My God damn pretty...

Oh ya, happy wedding for my brother and my new sister in law.Welcome to the family, feels good having you around family kak :) hope your wedding long last, happy, prosperous and always got blessing by God. Ahyaaa, having a baby soon. Gimmee another's nephew or niece. The other cute baby like Ali :D ah heaven on earth.

And next week, feb 26th is another reception held by my family, or usually called "ngunduh mantu". Will be held in Puri ardhya garini, oh i can't imagine how will tired i am that day. 1000 and more invitation....  i will share the photo about it latter. hope everything goes well :)

Pengajian at Home

Make Up and Jilbab By Kak Chiko :)

Akad Nikah

Resepsi at Gedung MK

The Bride, ah beautiful 

Meet her please, New sister in law :)

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