So, here i wanna tell you. Been in holiday not in proper time exactly (when class still running and gonna hit the edge of the classes as soon) but.. this trip has been set long time ago. So, in very first plan this trip is continue from the former one. The first one is, my parents and oldie bro&sist who joined it. That trip, contains the ex-pertamina-ians who've been living in Palembang. Called pensiunan. On the first trip (it was the 2nd trip exactly first trip they went to Egypt but my family wasn't join it) they went to Dubai dan Turkey for some vacation the continued by umrah. I didn't join that trip cause, busy with the college thingy.

Then, here we are. the second trip. Little bit diff of person. From my family, my bro didn't come along with us, cause he just got married & my father can not cause his work. So only the ladies Mom, sist and me. Fortunately most of the people joined is my parents good pals, sooooo enjoy !

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