goodbye my babyy :(


I am so sad today. I'm so deeply in love with my whity macbook, & there's no macbook anymore cause apple has discontinue that product. So there are only Macbook Air & Macbook Pro. There's no white macbook. I'm so in love with apple product, especially macbook with its colour, white. Yesterday, back from campus I found out that my macbook was broke. I don't know why, all i know just when I try to start up my lappy no "apple icon" shown, but question mark (?) inside the folder. I know, there's something wrong, but i never thought it gonna be worse. So, i'm still relax.

Today, i decided go to eStore in Ciwalk, hope my lovely lappy going fix soon. till... i found out that my hard disk just broke. Hard disk just broke. You know what, it's like am gonna cryyyy at that time. All the files, songs, photos, application and everything on it so priceless ! I still hope there's gonna be recovery for my hard disk and all files in it gonna be save. Just it all that i want.

while waiting the diagnose thingyy Iren and I having our dinner, then I called my Mom and told her that my hard disk just broke. My mom was so surprised and told to buy new one cause the price for recovery very high and I really need it immediately. So, back to eStore hoping there's "another chance" all my file save. Then the mas-mas said nothing can be repaired. So saaaaad..... and the another miserable thing is there's no more white macbook. :"(:"( soo I bought macbook pro, and I HAVE TO RE-INSTALL all the application and HAVE TO PAY IT more :( :(

& you know what ? they "card function/line" just off so i have to pay it with cash!! it's so rushhhh~ I went to ATM BCA and my limit just 10million. I need moreeeee God, so moved to ATM Mandiri to complete the money. it's so awkward for me, paying cash in big amount.

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