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I have spare time to write about my last vacation. Okay, I've spent my vacation in US on February. I did all the registration in a so-little-time, and for the visa thingy that was my very first time did my visa all alone by my self. So yeah, I'm so proud !! hahaha

Yes, on Monday 17th february is the day. My parents and I took Night Flight by ANA Airways, & for their business class for me not really good. So, here my outfit ! :

Top : Mark Spencer 
Jacket : Mango
Pants : Zara
Boots : Bershka 
Bag : Braun Buffel 
Luggage : Rimowa

and for make up, I used nothing but only BB Cream by Too Cool For School, that was amaziiiiiiiiiiiiiing! It was only 170iss IDR you can get BB cream plus concealer & highlighter on it, gonna tell about 'em soon! & the lipstick is from Chanel Rouge Allure but forgot the number.

Transit in Narita then continue to Chicago. & the first impression to the chicago airport is not too crowded tend to quiet. My daddy's friends already waited us, to pick us up & I was soooo surprised with the car he brought. 

Ignore me on this picture

I don't know what car is it, but yeah.... it was my very first time sitting on a kinda car like this. Superb! haha. Then, he drop us in Trump Intl Hotel, The hotel superb superb execellent. I don't what kind of room my daddy reserved but it was totally pretty awesome ! there was, a living room, guest rest room, kitchen, dining room & also master bedroom. And..... the view was very gorgeous !! Chicago treat me really well.

On the first day, My dad and his fellas went to some appointment and me, mom and mom's friend going around Chicago, and only rely on MAP hahaha.. The weather about -5 - -10 celcius degree at the mo (But in afternoon till night it was -20 celcius degree plus extreme windy) ,  and it's a shopping time baby !! 3 days in Chicago is A SHOPPING TIME hahaha so just a little photo i got. Here they are (&also my outfit) :

Mom with the wholeeee shopping bag, some of man in hotel said "Shopping Hard, huh ?" a haha

Scarf : Unbranded, bought in Seoul 
Coat : Lily (super like it, so many people come to me & said "what a beautiful colour" )
Pants : Zara Trf
Boots : Bershka

Scarf : Unbranded, bought in some Bandung Olshop
Jacket : Mango
Shirt : Disney, bought in Japan
Pants : Zara
Boots : Bershka

Scarf  : Veil - Unbranded
Mark & Spencer Scarf
Coat : Mark & Spencer
Gloves : Mark & Spencer
Pants : Unbranded, bought in Thamrin City
Boots : Bershka

Yeap, Chicago is a beautiful city with their Michigan Lake. If you wanna go there & want to shopping go to Michigan Avn. A LOT OF Store is there, & my suggestion you have to visit coach, MK, Kate Spade & all the original brand from USA cause they offer you very lower price than here. Ohya, for makeup lovers beside sephora & "its" store you have to visit some of drug store there forgot the name but they offer you very affordable yet adorable makeup stuff & things! I bought so many, Wet & Wild, Jordana, Maybelline (some of the is not available here), and burt & bees. If you want go to some all in department store i suggest you got o Macy !

The people, yah you can say US is Multi-cultural country, all of culture you can found there. The people really nice and friendly. Especially if you meet muslim people they will say salaam for you and OF COURSE they know where you come from ;). But yeah, the others, thought that I'm japanese but really i'm not... but maybe i'm lil bit Chinese since i'm palembang person and historically, most of palembangnese a long long  time ago is Chinese. But whatever I am Indonesian, Moeslim & I'm not terrorist ! (Loh ??) hahaha

That's all about my day in very superb city Chicago, gonna tell you soon about Washington DC & New York ! See yaaa

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