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Hello again, meet me again. Whaaa been so long from the last time i post something in my blog :D
anywayyy my mood has its ups & downs lately. College life went harder, where you have to divide your mind in many things :$, and the biggest thing which is really really often haunted my mind is judul skripsi. I have not started my mini thesis yet, because i'm not allowed to. I only have 119 credits, while for the tugas akhir you have to passed, at least 120 credits. OMG one point only! So yeah, still in my target anyway. & other stuff haunted my mind is about my life, in the future.

All the hard times above, i still have many things can calm me down. Family,coffee, tea, meal, good friends, good companion, nature, sky, clouds, shopping & makeup! haha

I can't put it behind for a while, if i have spare time, i loveeee did something in my face. So here is, on of my spare time :P

Oya, just for your information. I'm in love with Real Techniques Brush in Stippling Blush. That brush just amazing! Really blend your foundation perfectly & flawless. I prove it my self aaandd affordable price of course. If you ask me which is better, Real Techniques or Sigma, the answer is... I can't decide hehe. Both have very good result and very soft. But for the cheaper on of course, real techniques :) but sigma has wide option of brushes.

Product I used here :

- Evian Facial Spray
- MUFE Primer #7
- MUFE Foundation
- Contour Blush Coastal Scents

- Viva Eyebrow pencil (but i mix with black eyeshadow from Naked 2)
- Naked2 Eyeshadow
- Sleek Eyeshadow
- Kat Von D tattoo eyeliner in troper
- MUFE Mascara

- Nyx #Rose
- MUA #14
- Revlon lipgloss in Papaya

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