It’s not about the things he gave me, not either the words he spoke to me. It’s more about what he made me feel something. Something, I can’t describe even not any words can describe it.
Some people said I’m lucky, Some people said it’s like a dream come true. Which is  the fact what is my dream for me is never clear.

All I know is… I have someone. Someone I want to talked about, right now.

If you ever notice, all the words I spoke about someone who never clear mentioned in my writing, written as “You” is always for the same guy. The Guy who stole my attention my most of time lately. The Guy who I don’t know why I have to care about every inchs of him. The Guy who made me felt that hard to leave this city, Bandung.

He is…. I don’t even know where I have to start.
Firstly, I thought he is the coolest person I ever met! In literally cool with his flat face. Many many many of my friends adoring him,
they said… he’s such a handsome guy
they said… he’s smart guy
they said… he’s not a typical “nowadays” guy
and so many good point of they said.

It’s a lie if I said I don’t put any interest of him from the very first I know something about he & me.
It’s a lie if I said I don’t care about anything he has been through
It’s a big lie if I said there’s no butterfly in my stomach every time I met him.

No. He is different with any other guy I ever date with. Really different.
No, he never gave any specific things (like others man usually do) on a first date
No, he never gave me such a flirty word
Or even….. flirty word in lower level (don’t know to describe :P )

& now… It’s feel so real like everyone said. A dreams come true. Maybe not the way dream I dreamed about. But more about, a dream God has plan for me. He made me feel special. Not with his flirty words (well, he never did), but the way he treats me. With all explicit meaning in every his words. & of course in every hours, evertime he spent with me. I can still be my self like I always am. Unconsciously, he drag me to another phase. Another phase of my life which is Me, my self, don’t understand how to describe it. All I know just, It’s very right.

Hey you, I know you reading this. I bet you are smiling now haha. Thank you for coming to my life, your present means a lot for me. Thank you for your time you have wasted for me (it’s not a short time).  I love being around you, I love the way you treat me, I love the way care bout me, and I love…… you can fill it your self :P

And for everyone who read, let me introduce you… his name is Joza. 

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