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I’m writing this on the middle of deadline. Deadline, that I made for my self. I don’t want to talk about what deadline or stuff about it. But, I think I really need to talk, to write about what happened on 2013. Then, welcoming 2014 with a Big Hope.

2013 means a lot for me, it’s like my turning point. All the feelings complete in 2013. Happy, Sad, Hate, Love, Miss and so many more.

For some of you already know about unfinished things about me and some girl which is started in 2011. Gladly I said, it is done. The only thing to face it is keep quiet and don’t give any shit about it. Then voila nothing happen till now J and sure, she already happy with her life too!

Some of a day on 2013, I was so blue. Feeling so Blue. Feels so lonely, in fact (I realize now) just me who keep my self alone. Avoiding my self from crowd all I want only “me time”. But on the other day, I changed 180 degree. I feel so rich! I did so many things with lots of laugh with my girls. When, college life feel so easy, waking up in the morning is like my favourite things, spending time outside my room and made some crazy things

Lets talk about tears. I have to be honest, 2013, I’ve become a lil bit cheesy person. Sometimes, I’m crying without any exact reason. Feels lonely then I cry, Feels hard then I cry, feels angry then I cry,  feels I can’t get what I want or something went not suitable with I expected then I cry, watching sad movie then I cry. But, one moment of crying I couldn’t define as happy or sad tears. When, my sister wants to get married. Sure, I am really happy for her. For her new life with man who she really love and really love her too. I never been this cheesy when my brothers get married but this time it feels different. Like, my sister is not only for me anymore……………. Or at all. Tears also falls now as I typed this.

Move! It’s time about love. Man….. he is the man of the year of mine version! Well, to be honest been eyeing this guy from the end of 2012. The man who stole my attention. With all the ups and downs he made but he never realize it haha. Then finally we officially in relationship on the end of 2013. Such a very sweet things to close the year. Another love is.. to my beloved nephew who was born on end of September azka. The handsome baby!

Then….. on the beginning of 2014 I had another niece, her name is aisah! OMG I am officially tante-tante. Which is 20yrs old lady with 2 nephew & 2 niece. Gimme moreeeeee hahaha

And yes I am oh-so-called-mahasiswa-tingkat-akhir. This is My last year here, last year in FH Unpad, Lots of wishes, pray and hope to God I can thru this all well, and graduate on the middle of this year. Aamiin. 

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