My Sister Wedding


So, the picture above is about my sister wedding. Well, I know.... twas super late. The wedding held at 2nd November 2013. Excuse me before because almost the photos I shared above is my photos hahaha.
Well, on the 1st November, we held pengajian at our home Patra Kuningan. OMG it was super breathtaking moment, i can't handle my tears.... the next day is the day. The wedding day! Allhamdulilah they are wife-husband now. happy for you sister! then the nect day is the reception was held at Kartika Expo, Balai Kartini. I do really love my make-up when pengajian, the woman behind it is.... & again, kak chiko! The dress is by mbak wiwik at Cempaka Putih.

Oya! super love with my sister gown by bu fifi sanggar firdausi, The superb decoration by Meriah Decoration, and the photos by Kebon foto. All the picture above credit for Kebon foto for sure. The pictures still raw belom di apa2in bgt masih mentah... gatau lagi kalo uda jadi gimana...... lovestruck!

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