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Hallooo back to blogger from mobile.

Whoaaa it's been awhile (ages actually) I didn't write directly. I used to be, made any draft first on words then copy to this blog. But todaayy i write it, here. It all sponsored by the insomnia. This three days in a row I can't sleep early. I don't know why so I decided to writing. 

Actually, so many things ideas comes up on my mind to write about but it always ended only on my mind. Well, all I wanna say is being honest and your-self is one of the best thing in life. You know, you only life once so live it to the fullest !

I realize that everyone had their own obstacle, their own path and I really believe that... You have no idea what other people been thru unless you are standing in their shoes. So, what I mean here is, no harmful to see what people get, how people get and so on as long that makes your motivation. But, stop to compare.
Because. You don't know what they been through also they don't know yours. Keep respect to others and be honest to yourself. 

All this words inspired by. Skripsi :(

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