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Hai! as a Pengangguran, I exactly have a time to made this tutorial. Once again, to be clear, I'm not a Makeup Artis (but really want to!), I'm not a beauty blogger (this blog contain so many thiiiings), I just share about makeup, which I really love do makeup! :D 

In this tutorial, I made a party look. Deep eyes and bold lipstick. So many people not brave enough apply a Deep Chery Red on their lips. Me, back to a months ago, soo rarely put that kinda lipstick. I always put on a Nude, Pink and Peach coral on my lips. Not a Vibrant Color. All my friend also my boyfriend knows which is my "signature lipstick's color". But, these past days I spent so many times with my mom, also with her vanity which mostly lips she had is a vibrant red color, orange, pink magenta / fusia, which is really not me. But I'm curious why that colour always looks good on her, and I gave it try. Surprisingly I love it. So here we go the tutorial. Better Watch on HD, cause I record with my webcam :D

Product I used :
- Porefessional Primer - Benefit
- Makeup for Ever Primer #7
- Chanel Perfection Lumiere #22 Beige Rose
- Chanel Poudre Libre #Clair
- Coastal Scent Concealer Pallete
- Sclupting Kit #2 - Makeup forever
- Cream Blush #lilium - Tarte
- Sephora Concealer Pallete 
- Dare eyeshadow Pallete - Sigma
- Kat Von D Eyeliner #trooper
- Dip Brow Pomade #darkbrown - Anastasia Beverlly hils
- Hypnose Star Mascara - Lancome
- High Beam - Benefit
- Sugarlicious Blush - Benefit
- Nyx Lip Liner #nude pink
- Mac Lipstick - Diva

As you can see, it's kinda tricky did makeup on my face, because I have different skintone between my face and body, let say hand , because beside face I only show my hand :D. My face is darker than my body, so it'll look dirty if I apply darker foundation. So I have to choose, wether the exact colour or brighter one.  But, if you have a skin like any common people, which is face brighter that your body, so you are good. It will easier put any makeup on your face. Soo.. hope you like it see you another time :)

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