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I know, it's been ages. Like literally, I'm so sorry for being absent blogging about my travelling (lyk anyone would care)
haha. Well, actually I just got back from my another Europe trip. Yes, that was my 3rd time to Europe, I know… lucky me. I went to spain then continue umra, but hold on.. my last year trip haven’t revealed yet.

So let’s continue my travel story to.. Hungary!

Hungary is one of the east Europe country which doesn’t really famous as a travel destination, but I suggest you, YOU SHOULD! I’m impressed. The capital city of Hungary is Budapest, yes a well-known city. But if you ever imagine how does it looks like ? then google it! Lazy enough ? Relax, I’ll share mine 

I'm sowwwyy for blurry photo :P

My family and I went to Budapest by car it took like 12 hours driving plus stop because Europe has a rules about driving that we have to stop if we already driving like several hours (forget for sure). We started at 8 AM and arrived at 8 PM. Tired ? yes. So much. But I entered the city, OMG it was sooo pretty ! Because it already night, then straight go to apartment & take a rest.

In the morning, my mom and the aunties cooked a breakfast for us. A big breakfast as an Indonesian + a Rice. How I do really love travelling with whole family :D

So, we decided to get a Hop On Hop Off, as we didn’t really know much about this city, and no tour guide. Fortunately, the bus stop is near our apartment, there’s like a garden.. but I’m sorry forget the name, I know my bad. It sooo pretty, the sun shine so bright but the weather still cold.

Then we go around the city, to look the beautiful Budapest, and we off to royal palace. You will get bored cause I’ll say beautiful so many times, bcs it is!

It located in the higher land, either Buda or pest. Because actually, as I know, Budapest was a form from, Buda and Pest, connected with the brigde. One of the famous bridge as you can see as my background photo is Chain Bridge, and I was very beautiful at night, actually my cousin took me a photo there with his pro camera (he’s a Pro too actually) but I haven’t ask him yet :P so I’ll give you the amateur version okay ?

After that, we decided to take cruise to see Budapest from the river and you know what ? the tickets are included from the Hop On Hop Off, happy me ? yes!

The next day, before we continue to other country, so we heading to another tourist spot first :P which is, Hero’s square and parliament house. If you ever visited Europe first actually just a typical Europe building, but who’s care ? it still interesting for me, for any Indonesians to I think :D

And my honest opinion, I highly recommend this place for you for next visit. Do you love Paris, Rome, or Prague ? then you have to visit Budapest!

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