Vienna, Austria


And yes, back again. Yeay finally, I do really make a time for blogging since so many many to tell :D. After leaving Hungary, my family and I continue our trip to Vienna, Austria. Well, before we started.. it is not gonna be nice story to tell, brace it.

Arrived in Vienna, we checked in at Ibis Hotel then we get a rest you know why? in the middle our way to Vienna we stop to some factory outlet first, and they sell so many branded products even designer one! Let’s call Michael Kors, Furla, Aigner, Gucci or Prada with a very cheap price, yes it almost 70% less! So sick.

In the morning we continue our tourist activity. So, today we didn’t take a Hop on Hop off, we went around Vienna by  car. Our first visit we went to Heldenplatz, I love the building. I don’t know not really fancy one but such a strong one for me. I do really love the sky too! Very clear, and very windy my hijab can’t stay neat at all :P. In the same area I entered some souvenir shop, surprisingly the owner is moeslem and he gave us a huge discount ! Yippiyeaaay :D and  the décor very nice…

It still nice, until that time…
We went to such a old town market, forget the name I don’t want to remember too anyway. You can find a famous brand like ZARA, H&M and many more and you can tell the crowd rite ?

All I remember I went to MCd toilet, then I help my mom to exchange our money. Done it, we went to ZARA, my Mom want to try a blouse so she handed my her bag to hold for awhile, and I am waiting at the venue with my sister and bro in law. As my mom back, she asked her bag. Then I realize “where the hell is my bag?” I’m panic. Then I run to MCd toilet to make sure if I forget leaving my bag there. No. My bag not there, I asked some officer there, and Thank God he’s speaking English, he said he doesn’t see any bag left :”(. I’m so sad. Then mas alif told me he still saw me holding my bag when I’m in money changer. That’s means I don’t leave it at the toilet, my brother also told me he saw me I’m hanging my bag in my shoulder when I entered ZARA. But how come it gone ? still a mystery. But I assume I got hypnotized L

I lost my bag, contain of PASSPORT, wallet, polaroid camera, MONEY, lipsticks :”((, and another thing. Thank God both of my phone on my pocket, and DSLR Camera I left in the car, (Psst I still holding my boyfie photos too cause tomorrow is his birthday :P). so I came to police to make a report.

So, we  go straight to the Embassy, and it takes almost 1-2 hours. But lucky me, my uncle is an Ambassador in Poland, so he can ask a help of his friend in Vienna. But I still need a photo, so I walking down the street with mas alif to take a photos, and caused me 50 euro, so expensive! L

To make it short, I finally get the temporary passport and due its only a temporary I have to back to Indonesia ASAP or at least Poland. But.. can we do a little cheat ? please? Hehe. Show must go on. 

Then we continue to another place, I took a photos you can see my unhappy faces :P and the story what place is that, I’m sorry I can’t recall 

So be careful of your belonging, and don’t forget to say bissmillah anytime 

tryn' so hard to be happy sis ? "P

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