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Hi! I'm sorry for my absence too long, and in Holly Month, Ramadhan I would like to share with you guys some of my essential beauty products during this Ramadhan. As we know, on this month we, moeslims, will doing a fasting in this whole month, we are not allowed to eat, drink, angry etc. To make it simple we have to control our emotion. So.. sometimes fasting will make our skin and face little bit dry or pale right ? so here it is my Ramadhan beauty essential 

Dry lips ? oh no. Actually, without doing a fasting my lips already dry. Moreover in this month my lips will be a completely dry. So it is a MUST to moisturize your lips. You can use any lip balm you have, but here is my favourite at the moment. For daily I choose to use between EOS Lipbalm nad Neutrogena lipcare. They are really good for a Day, the texture on the lips is sooo thin, so makes me easier to put lipstick right after that, no need wait lo loong. For night I choose a thicker texture which will be my night treatment for my lips, between MAC and Kiehls. I've been using MAC for 2-3 years and I lovee this products. Before I went to sleep, applied this MAC and in the morning just wipe them out, and my lips will look very nice and smooth, and the other things I love is, the smell, yes just like any other mac's lipstick :D and second is, Kiehls it also works so goood!

This picture above is a body lotions and a moisturizer. I always wear moisturizer everyday, and my favourite is KIEHLS rare earth pore minimizing lotion. Well, I don't recommend this for dry skin because it isn't really hydrated but my skin is soo oily. For body actually you can wear any body lotion/cream/butter you like. This two is my favourite. Sleep sommeil from bath & body works, i know this product from my friend, nesya. I love this beacuse it claimed would help us to have a better sleep, since I'm kind or person who really hard to get sleep, I tried it and it works :D. 
Angel Body lotion, hands up. I've been wearing this since... long time ago. I do really love the smell, if you know thierry mugler perfume called angel and this is the body lotion with the exact fragarance. aaaand it really smooth my skin! when I haven't wearing a hijab, i also use this hair mist, so freakin goooood!

for complexion! I more into light wearing. So I choose this Naked skin foundation which is very light. the coverage is light to medium will help makes my face lo more presentable :P btw, I'm wearing shade 3.0. Buuut, if you are not fondation person, just skip it. Instead wearing a foundation maybe you can use a concealer! I have very oily skin but oddly skin under my eyes lil bit dry in this month, so I picked a Bourjois healthy mix concealer to hide my dark circle also to brighten my look and my shade in 51. The last... if you have beautiful skin, you really don't need any foundation or concealer just wearing a powder. I will recommend this products, Coastal Scents loose powder, mineral powder actually, it is really powdery and I love to apply it with a kabuki brush. When it set, it turn very natural, but still have coverage! my shade in natural ivory

Everyone want to look fresh during the day. A blush won't hurt anyway. This 5 blush above are my most wearing this month. The body shop lip cheek, it has very nice colour I called it pink fanta, seriously it like fanta :P. Benefit Possie tint, still a tint but with pretty pink colour. Benefit fine one one, I Loveee this products, i has a blush and highlighter in one products and it turns very natural on my skin. and 2 last is a powder blush, just when it necessary they are maybelline glow cheek in fresh coral and benefit hervana

and the laaaast my favourite part would always be in lipstick. In this month I avoid wearing matte lipstick because it will dries out my lips even badly. So better wearing lipsting which have creamy texture or tinted lipblam or anything wouldn't dries out my lips. so I choose to wear Silky girl tinted lipbal, bobbi brown rich lip color, color pop lippi stix, fres sugar lip care, and YSL vernish a lerves :)

So, I think thats all my beauty essential during this 21st day :D

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