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Hey girls, as you might know, I've been on a terrible broke-up lately. But I'm fine now. Actually, I amazed with my self, I can overcome everything, this soon. Thank to Allah for that.

Well, here I want to sharing, what to do, or what I've had done before after the broke-up thingy. So, maybe if one of you suffering someday.. or maybe now.. it'll help a little.

  •  Let all the emotion go
Cry if you need. Scream if you need. Do anything. It's the time for you to being selfish. Lock your self. Skip eating. Avoid people. Just being selfish. Do anything you want, to make your emotion goes. But remember, you have to make a target. Berapa lama lo mau ada di masa kaya gini. Misalnya, gue cuma boleh nangis-nangis sedih tiap malem selama sebulan. Abis itu lo harus bener-bener get up!
  • Sharing to your trusted people
Don't keep everything your self darling, it'll only makes you harder. Sharing with everyone you need, and the most helpfull one is the one who already through it. Been there & done that, all of their experiences really helpfull for you. They'll give you a very "reasonable" advices. They wont judge you as drama-queen, because they once felt it. But, you have to filter to whom you shared with. Ngga semua orang peduli dengan cerita lo, some of them only curious. You know the one who really care for your self rite ? Gue pribadi lebih banyak cerita ke sahabat-sahabat terdekat gue, mama dan kakak gue. And.. sometimes cerita sama temen cowo help a lot banget loh!

  • Keep away the thing that reminds you of him
Simpen deh semua barang-barang yang ngingetin lo tentang dia! Well, sebenernya gue ga terlalu ngaruh sih sama hal ginian. I'm still using the giant doll he gave me to accompanied when I sleep. Just because I just used to it & I feel comfort with it. But if you can't just don't. What I did is just keep all the photos I usually hang onto a box. I avoid my self to see him everywhere in my room :P
  • Read !
Read anything to help you get up. Any verse, quotes, or maybe blog like this. I did follow some motivational account on Instagram, thats really help me! From the religious one to a more general one. It helps to built your mindset, that you are worth. I also read some blog, who have been suffered terrible break-up before. Her name is tiqasya. OMG I love herrr!! You should googling her, and read all her words about her life. That's makes me even more stronger, she had been almost same thing with me but look at her now.. she's living in a life that I've been dreaming before. Surely, there's alwasy a rainbow after a storm :)
  • Get busy! (Like seriously)
Do everything productive! I know it's kinda hard. Kemarin gue pas banget dengan UAS. You can imagine how messed up am I. But as you grown up, you have another "responsibility-feeling" you can put your pittiness to your future rite ? So I force my self to studied even it waaayyy harder than I ever thought. Like my brain is divided. It kinda help me like an hour or so to forget about everything hehe. OR do something you love. I love makeup, so I did makeup. OR do something you never done or rarely do. Like cooking, painting, cycling, running, or take any lesson anything... The easiest way is watching movie. Udah nonton drama korea aja! LOL. Bisa juga dengan shopping atau ngga hangout sama temen-temen. Pokonya be productive! Don't locked yourself for too long!
  • PRAY!
The best way. Pray. Pasrahkan... serahkan. I already wrote about this in my previous post. If there's no shoulder to lean, there's alway a floor to kneel. Tell everything to Allah. Allah maha segalanya, serahkan dan pasrahkan kepadanya. If you being hurt, don't ask a help to the one who hurt your heart but the one who made your heart is. You have no idea how this really works on me. It's very good for your recovery also for your soul. Somehow you'll be better person each day, believe. Just Pray. 
  • Be pretty
Setelah berlarut-larut dalam kesedihan. pasti ga mikirin penampilan kan saat itu.. ketika lo memutuskan udah ah. Yuk! Be pretty. Show off your beauty. Respect your self enough. Let the world know who you are, how strong you are, how beautiful you are. For the sake of your self, not others. Once you love your-self enough there's will be another person will love you completely (Katanya sih :P)
  • Be socialized 
Saatnya buat buka mata. I don't say start a new relationship ya.. because I know it's not that easy, because our feeling are genuine. But at least, try to make a new friendship, a new circle or... just try to open you self, open your heart. Just one tip for you girl : if you looking for a good man, ya carinya di tempat yg bagus juga ya.. gausah lah main-main tinder gitu :P world is huge..... just be socialized.  

I still can't believe & thankful at the same time, I can through this phase this fast. Many people talked to me they can really get up like several month, But Me, less than a month or let say a month I can overcome this. Doesn't mean I completely forget about him, darling, it's impossible. But I'm completely fine without him today. There's no more pain every morning when I woke up and know that there's no morning call for him. there's no more sadness everynight there's no person to share my day. No. I just feeling more better, more comfortable with my self than I was. I still don't know whats gonna happen next, I just can wish all the very the best for me :)

Girls, If I can thru this, so do you! just keep faith in Him :)

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