Man with a money


sekitar dua bulan yang lalu, gue baru aja ngobrol sama dua ornag sahabat terdekat gue. Disitu, salah satu sahabat gue cerita tentang masalah percintaannya dengan pacarnya yang udah 4 atau 5 tahun. Gue pun kaget bukan main. Sahabat gue ini di mata gue almost perfect. She's really beautiful inside and out. I know her all my college-life. Like I've been thru almost everything with her. Dari tiap hari naik angkot bareng dari kosan ke kampus, sahur/buka puasa berduaan, menembus hujan kekampus, berpetualang ke nangor yg kita bener-bener out-of-idea banget naik kendaraan umum, keliling Bandung dari jalan kaki, ngangkot sampe finally bawa mobil. Dari galau dia yg single & gue punya pacar awal kuliah.. sama-sama single.. dia punya pacar.. gue punya pacar... dari drama pertemanan, she's the one who sticking up with me. She's kind-hearted, smart, beautiful, nice, ga suka ngomongin orang kecuali sama orang terdekatnya aja. bener-bener High quality banget. Setelah gue tau dia putus, dan tau alesannya.. gue cukup menyayangkan sih.. karena gue sangat suka dengan mereka berdua.. bahkan gue masih sedikit punya harapan mereka untuk bersama lagi someday. But.. one of our friend says :

"Man with money is different"

at that time, I can't really related to that. Menurut gue, it's not about money, but lingkungan. But no she insist it. Until someday, we found out the other reason. I'm shocked. I never imagine he would such a thing to my girl. She's the one who accompany him from the very start.. college-life, jobless time, until working. That easy to leave the one who support you from zero ? accompany you from you have nothing... I understand that might be a lot of women who are more interesting in any taste.. but hey... she does see you as you are now... not what you've been struggled. 

Until the time, I feel it my self. Maybe my friend & I has different roots of problem. But in the end.. we found the exact same fact. Then, my cousin posted this quotes in her path 

"money doesn't change people. But it reveals the true personality of (those) people..."

is that true ? I don't know her. But in me, yes I have a lot of question of "why". I know, I might never get the answer... maybe he also doesn't know the answer. But somehow, I agree with my cousin said. I'm not sure either my problem is "money" problem. I don't think so. But, when I tell my story to my elder most of them has the same answer "He has money". Is that so ? 

But again... I never defined someone by their money, their wealth, their education or something. But they way they treat people. 

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