Put trust in Him


This is hella exhausting month!
I can't concern at anything, but hey, I'm getting better.

I never imagine, I will thru this phase before. All I ever imagine is, I'll get through some obstacle which he & I still can hold on together. But I'm wrong.

Some people growing together, some people growing apart. It doesn't love once had shared isn't real, they're real but maybe our time just done. We have to growing apart today, I don't know about next time did I'll come together with him or not. But well, I'm not expecting anything anymore tho.. I just let it all be... Que sera sera whatever will be will be.

But, girls. I learn a big thing from this. It's all about faith.
No. I don't say don't trust a man. You can. You really can.. But don't keep in faith in him. But keep in faith with Him, Allah, Lord, The Almighty. Put your faith to the one who made love is.. not the one who shares the love is.

In this process, I try lo get closer with my Creator. I did 5 times-a day prayer plus Tahajood Prayer. I read Holly-quran, I did dzikir in every spare time, and I always pray to Allah every time I feel anxious. I have one verse who really calm me down, after dzikir I always read this.. the verse I always said when in Ka'bah..

"Subhanallah Wallhamdulillah Wa lla Illahaillalah Allahuakbar"

which means glory is to Allah, and praise is to Allah, and there is none worthy of worship but Allah, and Allah is the greatest. Somehow, it'll hold your soul much stronger than you ever thought. I really feel, Allah is near.. Allah is with me.. Allah holding my soul.. 

I know.. broken hearted it's not easy.. more over if you're on 23sh ages. more over if you already spent so many years together, so many memories.. But remember.. Everything happen for a reason. 

It could be two. First, you'll meet someone much more deserved your self, the one who already written in your lauful mahfuz.. your other part.. 
or Second.. It is still him. But, maybe you two have to learn to appreciate your self more, love your self more and learn more to be a better person. Because again.. we'll never know what happen next. In different times, location and situation. 

All you gotta do, All I gotta do.. Just let it be.. and put my faith to Allah. One step you took closer to Allah and He took thousands step even more closer to you. Yes, this is true. I really feel it today. I feel blessed. Just enjoy the process, someday you're gonna smiling to your self today and please do something that your - self in the future will thanks you :)

If you already pray for direction, don't stop. Keep walking, it'll clearer by the time you go.

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