So long :)


at first I always thought about he & I
this is all about our mistakes.. our understanding.. our ego..
I tried to pull off my ego, to makes thing better, I won't give up.
I tried my best, being the best of me for him. in everyday I'm with him

Then... I know.. I realise.. I was wrong..
No, it's not only about us.
We've been thru this problem so many times & we always can make it works.
our connection too deep & too real
until.. he cheat.

How bad words I said... but my heart never did.
for me, foundation in a relationship is love & faith in each other.
I always keep my faith. I never ever try to "open" my self to new person.
Because I realise, that's not right.

Now. I see everything clearly... he definitely cheating on me.
whatever his reason is... once cheating is cheating & cheater will always be a cheater.
I'm so hurt, I'm so broken hearted, I'm so upset.

But then again.. thats makes me realise. Do I deserved this kind of man ? No, darling.
all my mistakes is only to cover up his lies. That's why it is so easy for him to let me go.. lyk he forgot everything we built together.

I feel it's not fair, I'm the one who being hurt here. But then again... I remember one verse in quran.. just let patient and pray being my helper. I have to put my believe on that.

Good woman, never have intended to ruin any relationship, Good man, would never disrespect his partner. That's why, today, we don't make it.

and I deserved the best. So long, partner in 3 years :)

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