I hate you


It started when my mom asked me to browse her phone gallery to find my nephew picture when he was younger, then I found the picture of you.

I hate it, the fact that you drown into my life that deep
I hate it, the fact that you bond to my family that strong
I hate it, the fact that my mom still keep all of our photo, you and my family
I even hate the fact that, my mom really into us, she even candid a lot of photos of us. I even just knew some of them
I knew, it just a photos, but it fly me back to the time we had share together

I hate that when my family keep asking you, are you good, how are you, are we still in good term. I really hate that.
I hate that even my nephew, every time he watched TV and see some a man looks like you he asked me How have you been.

I hate that everytime I listened to a random song, & it reminds me of you. Simply our theme song, our long road-sing a long song, song you gave me or song that you sung for me. I really hate that.
I just hate everything that reminds me of you

I hate that every time something happened to me, and no one I can tell except you. Because all these past few years, I only shared with you.. Now I had to keep my self.

I hate the fact that
You knew too much
I trusted you too much
We shared too much

and I hate you so much
for breakin my heart, my soul,
my trust
that  a good man in Exist

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